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What are the Yahoo Mail POP settings? How to do it?

The email settings you want to download the messages

Yahoo Mail POP server settings are needed by email clients so that they know where and how to download Yahoo input emails.

If you get errors in your email client explaining that you cannot enter Yahoo Mail or cannot download new emails, you may configure the wrong POP server configurations.

Note: While POP settings are needed for e-mail downloads, the Yahoo Mail SMTP server settings are also needed so that the e-mail program can send e-mails by your account.

Yahoo Mail POP server settings

Observe the instructions for the email client where you want to set up Yahoo Mail. When you come at the screen that asks the POP settings, use these settings:

  • Yahoo POP server address: pop.mail.yahoo.com
  • POP username: Your Yahoo Mail username (for example, if your email address is linda@yahoo.com, "Linda" is the username)

Some email clients need the full address. If the username doesn't work, including the @yahoo.com portion of the email address.

  • POP password: Your Yahoo Mail password
  • Yahoo POP port: 995
  • POP TLS/SSL required: yes

Yahoo Mail troubleshooting

A simple reason for not being able to access Yahoo Mail is mistyping the password. If you know you’re addressing the correct password but it’s not working after duplicated attempts, consider that you may have forgotten it.

Fortunately, you can recover your Yahoo email password if you forgot it. Once you have it, consider putting the password in a free password manager to keep it available.

If you recognize that the password is correct, the email program you are using may be the one that stops you from downloading Yahoo Mail emails. If it does not comply with the new e-mail protocols or there is some other special reason for the program for the reason that it will not reach Yahoo's servers, first try to use your email via the Yahoo Mail website. If you work there, consider trying a different email program.

If you cannot send or receive your Yahoo Mail messages, your antivirus program or firewall application may be at error if you are blocking a port necessary to communicate with the Yahoo Mail server. 

Temporarily disable either the program if you assume it is the case, and then open the port if you discover it is blocked. 995 is used for POP while 465 and 587 are for SMTP.

Note: Yahoo Mail is used to request that you activate the POP path from your account before using the settings from above to download messages to an email client. However, this is no longer a chance, which means that you can access Yahoo Mail via the POP server specified above without having to first log in to your browser and make changes to the settings.

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